Status Update Meetings can be daily, bi-weekly or ‘whenever-necessary’ meetings. It’s tantamount that you keep them short and focused. Give every participant 1 to 3 minutes (!not more!) to inform the others about the following:

  • What did I do since we last had a Status Update Meeting?
  • What am I going to do until we meet again?
  • Are there any problems/obstacles/impediments that I’m currently facing? 

Keep It Short!

Again, it’s super important that these meetings only take 15min. max. If participants point out obstacles, make sure to address those outside of the Status Update Meeting.

More Help How to Conduct a Perfect Status Update Meeting

  • Remind participants to share very concise, specific information
  • If things mentioned by others are unclear, clarify by asking questions like “you mentioned […], could you tell me what you meant by that
  • Make to detect statements like “I don’t know yet how to do it […]” or “It seems there are other issues that I need to resolve first […]”. Those statements show potential obstacles that a team member is facing but doesn’t detect it as such.

Photo by Headway