anouk brunschwiler
Anouk Brunschwiler

HR and Recruitment Expert

Anouk has worked in HR in the past decade in various roles and industries. She is passionate about lean HR management that benefits teams and individuals alike and drives superior performance. She has the highest ethical work standards and advocates for equal opportunities in the workplace.

  • Seasond HR process specialist with a decade of experience in the HR tech industry
  • Consulting businesses and individuals in all matters social security insurances and HR best practices
  • Ensures high quality in employee support and procurement management that benefit all parties on the hiring table driving performance substantially

With her strong background in social security insurance and HR management she is an asset in managing the entire end-to-end hiring process. She advises HR roles on how to reward, develop, and motivate their people. She manages sensitive procurements swifly and timely using the latest digital products.
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Anouk Brunschwiler is co-founder of Technit and responsible for HR management and Procurement Services.  She is currently an HR management consultant to the city of Uster, Switzerland.

Before founding Technit, Anouk was Head of Payroll Services at rmit professional resources AG and HR & Payroll manager at Suisseco.

Anouk Brunschwiler is a certified social security insurance expert NBW. She is a foxg1research team lead, an organisation dedicated to finding a cure for all children with Foxg1 syndrome.

If a the team has fun working together, businesses are thriving. Those teams will continue to deliver outstanding results all along.AnoukBrunschwiler