Social media is always changing. As a marketer you need to stay on top of these changes and ahead of the curve by ensuring these top Instagram trends.

Instagram For Marketers

Instagram is a powerful and active platform with over 800 million monthly users. Each day 60 million photos are posted and users give 1.6 billion likes a day. That’s why switching to a business profile asap and start connecting with your audience on Instagram is a good idea. Learn how to switch to a business account HERE.

Top Instagram Trends For Your Business

  • Instagram Stories aren’t going away any time soon. Stories have become one of the most popular formats of Instagram. Last year Instagram Stories were used by 500 million accounts daily.
  • IGTV takes the center stage. Creators are seeing more and more views on their IGTV videos. This makes it more and more important for your marketing strategy. Instagram TV is particularly suitable for longer videos.
  • Interactive Content is king! IG makes it easy for your content to be interactive. Instead of publishing just one-way media, create interactive content on Instagram. The platform offers you features like quizzes, questions, polls to interact directly with your audience. Use it!
  • Instagram Shopping has become an important sales platform for e-commerce business. Not only can Brands present their products. The social component facilitates the exchange with the target group. You can tag products in your posts or stories. Or you can implement the entire purchase-process on the platform. Try it and post product teasers that will (gently) urge people to buy. Learn how to set up your shop HERE.
  • Create Fun with TikTok’s. Funny and short videos are very popular on Instagram. TikTok users can easily share their creative videos on Instagram stories. Create your TikTok and upload it on Instagram! Learn more about TikTok HERE.
  • Influence with Influencer Marketing. Brands have been working with Influencers for years and they will continue to do so, as the contribution by Influencers is often more credible and authentic than content-posts directly from brands.
  • Explore the Explore Tab. More than 200 million users visit the tap each day! This helps brands to be seen by more people and potential followers (and future costumers9. Instagram really makes it easy to find new accounts to follow. Great asset for your IG-business account!

#6 of the World’s Social Media Platforms

The top 10 social media companies are from the USA and China. Have a look at the great visualization of visualcapitalist! Instagram is currently Number 6 of the Social Media Universe. Instagram has been vital to Facebook’s success. The big brother bought Instagram in 2012 for 1 Billion Dollars and attracts a younger audience than Facebook.

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