Scrum for President – Not Just for Software Development

The Scrum framework is well known in the software development industry. Most software development companies have been using it for years. There are however, many other companies not developing software but other highly complex products. To this date, they think “Scrum is something for software developers only”. This article shows why it’s for them, too.

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Mobility As A Core Trend

Consumer mobility will continue to be a key trend in the future, shaping the media to a large extent. Because the user must be addressed wherever he or she is – on the train, on the couch, abroad, at work, taking a walk in the woods – the key to any long-term media strategy should be a multi-platform and multi-channel strategy! From the point of view of the advertising industry, this means keeping pace with changes, investing in the right technologies, and efficiently orchestrating the various media.

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