Mobility As A Core Trend

Consumer mobility will continue to be a key trend in the future, shaping the media to a large extent. Because the user must be addressed wherever he or she is – on the train, on the couch, abroad, at work, taking a walk in the woods – the key to any long-term media strategy should be a multi-platform and multi-channel strategy! From the point of view of the advertising industry, this means keeping pace with changes, investing in the right technologies, and efficiently orchestrating the various media.

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Millenials And iBrains Are Changing Our Markets

These generations do what many before them couldn’t. Millenials (aka known as Generation Y, born 1980-1995) and iBrains (aka Generation Z, born 1996-2010) combine freedom and bonding, fun and responsibility, convenience and meaning. They buy local, organic products and love international cuisine. They strive for a career and pay attention to inner balance. these generations are changing our society, jobs and markets worldwide.

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